Sunday, March 6, 2011

More ex drama

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted.

So here's an update on some things in my life. My oldest daughter will be 8 this week. I can't believe that it has already been 8 years since she was born! I'm going to have a teenager in only 5 years. That is a scary thought.

My exhusband finally contacted me, it only took him 6 months. But it wasn't about the kids, it was because he found out his tax return was garnished. He sent me a text telling me that I'm going to be getting a little over $3 grand because they're garnishing it. He said I'm taking money away from his new baby, bla bla bla. I told him that I most likely won't get even half that and I have no sympathy for him because if he had been paying child support like he was supposed to they wouldn't have garnished. I told him that there were times that I went without buying shoes for myself because my kids needed them, even though mine were being held together with duct tape. I reminded him that there were times I didn't have enough money to feed everyone so I fed my kids while I went without. Sorry, NOT sympathetic because he's being forced to be at least financially responsible. His response? Sure, he messed up but he's changed his life around and doing things right. Then he said he's going to tell the judge that I don't let him see the kids and the judge isn't going to like that. Bwahahahahaha! I told him he should tell the judge how often he asks to see the kids before he claims that I don't let him see them. For the record, he did NOT ask to see them, did not ask about them, just complained he had to pay for them.

Usually I only hear from him when he's fresh out of jail or around tax time when he thinks I might be nice and give him money from my taxes. I haven't done that since we were married but some people take longer to learn than others. So I decided to look him up on the repository for my state. I don't do that too often because he has pages and pages of criminal records and I hate sifting through to see what is new because they don't go in chronological order, they just randomly list them. Turns out he spent 20 days in jail when he was arrested in January. He was driving without the license he's tried so hard to convince me he has, and he had an unpaid Fish and Game ticket from 2 years ago he never took care of.

So being the nosy person I am I decided to look up his wife's info. I figured that if HIS record wasn't enough for the judge if he takes me to court, maybe she has something I could use against them too. Boy does she. Most of it isn't too bad but there were some things that concerned me. Like back in 04 (I think, but it was a while ago) she had a few charges for child endangerment because her kids weren't properly buckled up. Now, her kids are only a few years older than mine, her oldest is maybe 11. So in 04  she had young kids and they were either in the wrong car seat or didn't have one at all. Then I saw something that just pissed me off. She has many unpaid fines, and several collection agencies that have sued her, the rough estimate in my head was about $15 grand that people are trying to get out of her. Normally I couldn't care less about that stuff but down at the bottom, the newest entry in the log was for this month, saying that they had intercepted her taxes. Which means they intercepted the taxes from my ex as well. So as far as I know there are about 8 cases between the both of them that would be garnishing the taxes. If I'm correct, they'll divide it up evenly and we'll all get 1/8 of it. But knowing the genius my ex is, he'll tell me that I got all of it and won't believe a word I say.

Last week my oldest got sick. She didn't eat anything from Saturday night until Thursday morning. And the liquid she drank didn't stay down. There's been a horrible flu going around that lasts 3 days so I thought she had that. On Wednesday when she wasn't better I decided to take her to the dr. My mom told me that she would just get over it and not to worry about it, I got the feeling that she didn't want me to take her. But I did. Turns out she has a sinus infection and I guess the drainage made her sick. So on Thursday my mom kept telling me that I'm probably going to have to take her to the ER for fluids because she wouldn't eat a whole bunch at a time. Kind of funny she went from saying not to take her to the dr to needing to rush to the ER. We've been slowly building back her food intake to where it was but she's still not feeling great. I hope she gets better by her birthday.

I'm still working on a humor entry since I only come here to complain. I don't have much time on the computer and when I do I get sucked into a debate board on BBC. It is horrible, it ruins families, and is very addicting.