Monday, January 10, 2011


So Jake was diagnosed with asthma. He's 6 months old and needs help to breathe without wheezing. It sucks because I keep thinking about all the troubles that he's going to face. He started a new medicine, one that he has to take twice a day to keep his wheezing to a minimum. Then he has albuterol for the "attacks."

The wheezing has gotten less and it seems like he's not struggling to breathe as much anymore. I'm also trying to work out the details for a fundraiser that I'm planning to help by brother with his medical bills. He's going through chemo and it is pretty expensive. I know it won't be a whole lot but some is better than nothing.

I do have a funny/sarcastic blog that I'm working on to teach people the "correct" way of filling a prescription, all things that were taught to me by customers. It is very slow because my son thinks he needs to be held all the time. And I'm not very good at typing one handed, especially since that hand still is recovering from my kitchen accident a month ago.

I love being sarcastic though so it'll probably be a long one.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365 days of pictures

So I always wanted to do the 365 days of pictures but I felt that if I even missed one day I would just give up. So I'm going to do a variation of that. Someone suggested doing 52 pictures, one for each week. I thought that was a great idea. So I'm going to try to take a picture everyday and then pick the best one for the week. That way even if I miss a day I won't give up completely.

So on New Years day I took this one

I painted this for my daughter's bunk bed. It is a work in progress, slow progress because I haven't had time to finish.

Jan 2nd brought this one

He chewed on the book and got mad when I took it away. He cried for like 20 minutes. Maybe Jake is team Edward... lol.

Jan 3rd

Pretty blurry but all of them have been taken with my camera phone.

Jan 4

Tin foil hats are out of style, tin foil berets are more fashionable.... don't ask.

And today Jan 5th. This is my favorite so far. I made it for a fellow blogger for a project she's working on for her second son who was stillborn in May of 09.

You can check out her project here

And you can feel free to help her with this.

So, that's it! I'll post these every 5 days or so.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Haunting

So for the longest time I never believed in ghosts or spirits coming to haunt us living folk. Recently I'm not too sure.

My parents bought their house almost 2 decades ago and I have dozens of stories of weird things happening.

The tv that we had when I was growing up was one of those huge box ones that are so big that they have to sit on the floor. It was bought the year I was born and just recently died a few years ago. Before it died the buttons started going out on it. The first to go was the power button and you had to use the remote to turn it off and on. Several times in the middle of the night the tv turned on. When I would go out in the living room the remote was on top of the tv so nothing had touched it.

My kids have a really annoying toy that has the alphabet on it with individual buttons. There are several settings so you have to push the little thing to whatever setting you want and I even have a hard time with it and my kids couldn't hardly ever get it to move. It is very loud so when it turned on in the middle of the night it woke me up and I thought my kids were playing with it. I went into their room and just before I opened the door it turned off. I found it on the other side of the room from where my girls were, and they were really asleep, they weren't just faking. I thought it was weird, kind of a fluke but didn't think anything of it until it did it several times in one week. So I decided to take the batteries out. Well that same night I took the batteries out and that damn thing still turned on. Needless to say we don't have that toy anymore.

Weird things like that are always happening and the room my girls sleep in is always cold, even in the summer it stays cool. Last week while my son was taking a nap I got in the shower. Of course like all 6 month old babies do when you get in the shower, he woke up and he was crying. Just as I was getting out of the bathroom my 4 year old told me that the mean boy is bothering her brother. I asked her what mean boy and she said "the one that is sitting right there." Of course she could be making it all up but I asked her if she was and she got mad that I couldn't see him.

I'll leave you with one last story to creep you out. On Thanksgiving my kids were using my point and shoot camera to take pictures. I very rarely use my point and shoot since I got my dSLR. Dec. 1st my mom took some pictures with my point and shoot of the kids playing out in the snow. I was looking through the pictures and my camera kept messing up on me. The buttons would stop working, it would freeze up, two pictures would be combined into one. Really weird stuff so I thought it had gotten wet or dropped or something. Well I finally made it through to the Thanksgiving pictures and there was one that when I got to it, it froze up and the only way I got it off the screen was turning the camera off. This happened every time I got to the picture. So I put a different memory card into my computer and it worked just fine.

I decided to upload it to my computer so I could see the picture better. It took me several tries before I could get it onto my computer. Just one picture and every time I tried uploading it my computer would freeze up and I would have to restart it. Finally after two or three days of trying I was able to get it onto my computer. But it didn't go where I told it to upload to. It uploaded into the oldest folder that I have pictures on.

I decided to blog about it and tried uploading it onto the internet. Each time my internet connection would mysteriously disconnect, or the page couldn't be found, or my computer would freeze. Finally after several days and several tries I finally was able to get it onto my facebook.

Isn't that creepy? Oh, and kindly ignore the movie mess. My kids don't know how to put things back where they go.
I know that it could be a dust particle and whatnot but everything I've seen doesn't show dust particles that look like that.
As far as ghosts.... I don't know.